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Miss USA is an American beauty pageant that has been held annually since 1952 to select the entrant from United States in the Miss Universe pageant. The Miss Universe Organization operates both pageants, as well as Miss Teen USA.

A person said this in a review: "Miss USA only encourages the continued creation of stereotypes of the perfect woman that affect everyone's psychology. It is a garbage that should no longer exist."


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"THE WORST! I have never taken the time out of my day to write a review so you know for a fact that my experience was absolutely horrible. So, I made an order with Chinese Laundry, paying with my AfterPay account. And my order had been processed for OVER A WEEK so naturally, I canceled it because I found out that Zappos carried the same shoes in my size(with only 1 DAY OF FREE SHIPPING THRU THEIR ZAPPOS APP)! Anyways, the customer service lady from Chinese Laundry apologized and canceled my order. I got an email saying my order was canceled right away. Perfect I thought...that was easy. THEN, I check my account Friday night and they took $180 OUT OF MY BANK ACCOUNT OUT OF NOWHERE?? First of all, my boots were $70 so i dont even understand the random amount of $180. SECOND AND MOST IMPORTANTYL IS THAT I PAID FOR MY ORDER WITH AFTERPAY SO I HAVE NO IDEA HOW CHINESE LAUNDRY GOT MY BANK ACCOUNT INFO!!!!!!!! AND TOOK A RANDOM CHUNK OF MONEY OUT OF NOWHERE AFTER CANCELING MY ORDER WILLINGLY. WAITING FOR 8 AM ON MONDAY SO I CAN GIVE THEM A PIECE OF MY MIND AND MY $180 BACK. RIDICULOUS."

Holly says

"Just received a pair of Nima pumps purchased directly from their website instead of at DSW where I originally bought other pairs of the same shoe. One shoe has a cracked finish on the entire back of the shoe which is very visible, showing the white material underneath the external finish. If they had a QC process they would have caught this product before it was shipped out. Instead, they shipped me garbage and now I get to return it and still pay for the shipping which is non-refundable. I've called Customer Service and no one answers, no one responds to voicemails. Also their contact form on their website does not work at all -- it will not process the form. Stay away from this company, it is a complete scam!"

Alex says

"Customer service is unresponsive, not worth it, stay away."

Tracy Crowder Burke says

"Terrible. The straps on my sandals broke after only wearing them 4 times. Wrote to customer service 3 times with no reply. Will not buy from them again ."

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